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1.5" Thick, 2.000 Bore, 4500 Tapered Carb Lightweight Aluminum Carburetor Spacer

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This listing is for a 1.50" thick spacer with 2.00 diameter bores.  See our other listings for different thickness and bore combinations.

--- Increases the Throttle Response

--- Well developed light weight design
Street, drag, towing, marine & oval

--- Up to 30+ Bolt on Horsepower

--- Improves the Signal to the Carburetor
--- Increases flow through the Carburetor / Throttle Body
--- Works through the entire RPM Range
--- Increases the Distribution

--- Anodized Black

++ Guaranteed same performance increase as Wilson Manifold Part Number: 024130

Our Spacers incorporate a variable radius taper design that maximizes the airflow traveling through the throttle body/carburetor.  The tapered radius design greatly improves the air/fuel distribution which leads to more horsepower.

Part throttle performance and distribution are increased by changing the airflow pattern created by the partially open throttle blades and the gradually reducing of the speed of the air/fuel mixture entering the plenum to support a smoother transition into each runner. Or more simply put, the full throttle performance is improved by the additional airflow.

Our tapered spacers will increase horsepower, acceleration, and torque through the full RPM range.

Our tapered spacers can add as much as 110 CFM of additional flow through the throttle body/carburetor.

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