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Billet Power Tip for 2009-2014 Grizzly 550

Billet Power Tip for 2009-2014 Grizzly 550

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This is a Billet Aluminum Exhaust Power Tip that replaces the stock baffle/spark arrestor tip on muffler.

This Power tip will fit the 2009-2014 Grizzly 550 with stock exhaust.

This tip will flow 2.5 times as much air as the stock tip and increase engine horsepower by reducing the amount of restriction in the stock exhaust system. Since the Grizzly 550 are fuel injected and the system has enough self adjustment to compensate for our tip no need to worry about fuel mixtures.

Our tip also gives the Grizzly a nice throaty sound that a machine of this size deserves to make.

The tip also comes with a stainless steel spark arrestor screen that you can use at your option. The factory spark arrestor cannot be used with this tip.

With our tip installed you will still retain the durability of the stock muffler (aluminum aftermarket exhausts are notorious for shaking apart on big bore utility quads). The outlet hole on our tip is CNC machined at a 30 degree down angle to direct the exhaust flow down and away from the rear fender.

The best of all worlds more power better sound and looks better and costs hundreds less than buying a whole new pipe!

The Tip is CNC machined out of a single piece of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum for superior durability and polished to a bright finish. Tip comes with new low head bolts to give it a cleaner appearance when installed.

The tip mounts to the holes already in the muffler. NO DRILLING REQUIRED!

Exhaust Tip package includes Tip Stainless steel spark screen 3 Stainless steel capscrews and an allen wrench to install new screws. Will also include an instruction sheet for installation.

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